Cruises of Brantôme in Dordogne



Sit aboard the "Drona" an electric boat and explore Brantôme with its exceptional historical heritage.

The city is an island and has been called "The Venice of Perigord".
On our 50 minutes narrated cruise you will discover 16th century, medieval and Renaissance houses, the Benedictine Abbey, the 11th century Campanile bell tower, the cave dwellings, the Monk’s Park, the millers ford, and the convent mill.

Then, leaving the canal, the boat ventures on the Dronne river with exceptionally rich flora and fauna.

Enjoy crossing narrow meanders of the wild river guided by the boatmen whose push and steer the boat using long sticks.

Calm and change of scenery is garranteed.

Don't miss the river tour of Brantôme !