Discover the Brantôme on board our electric boats

Discover the Brantôme on board our electric boats
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We are delighted to announce that Brantôme Croisières will be reopening its doors in April. After a winter break, we look forward to welcoming you back for unforgettable sightseeing trips on the Dronne, in the heart of the magnificent town of Brantôme in Périgord.

Brantôme Croisières, a unique and environmentally-friendly experience

Our company stands out for its commitment to the environment. We offer electric boat trips, an environmentally-friendly option that lets you enjoy the beauty of the area without harming the ecosystem.

The Dronne, a river of unique charm

The Dronne, which flows through Brantôme, offers a natural spectacle of great beauty. Its calm, clear waters are bordered by greenery and limestone cliffs, creating an idyllic landscape that changes with the seasons. As you cruise along the Dronne, you'll be able to observe a rich and diverse fauna and flora, and you may even catch a glimpse of grey herons or otters, which have made this unspoilt setting their home.

Brantôme, the Venice of Périgord

Nicknamed the "Venice of Périgord", Brantôme is a town with an exceptional heritage. It owes its nickname to its canals and bridges, which give it a unique charm. Sailing along the Dronne, you can admire the town's main monuments, which line the river.

Brantôme Abbey

Brantôme Abbey is one of the town's must-see monuments. Founded by Charlemagne in the 8th century, it has been rebuilt and enlarged over the centuries. Today, it houses an 11th-century bell tower, a magnificent botanical garden and troglodytic caves that bear witness to the town's history.

The Pont Coudé

The Pont Coudé is another of Brantôme's landmarks. Built in the 15th century, its right-angled shape makes it unique in France. It offers an uninterrupted view of the Abbey and the Dronne, and is an essential crossing point for boats on the river.

The Moulin de l'Abbaye

The Moulin de l'Abbaye is a former watermill that has been converted into a museum. It houses a collection of old objects and tools that bear witness to the history and traditions of the region. Sailing down the Dronne, you can admire its paddle wheel, which still turns as the water flows by.

Bimbillou Park

Le Bimbillou Parc is an exceptional historic site, home to the first troglodytic mill built by the Benedictine monks of Brantôme, an unfinished hotel, a troglodytic dwelling, old quarries and a multitude of caves, making this place a veritable gateway to bygone eras.

Brantôme Croisières, an experience not to be missed

When you choose Brantôme Croisières, you're opting for a unique experience that combines heritage discovery, respect for the environment and relaxation. Our electric boat trips are commented on by enthusiastic guides, who will help you discover the history and secrets of Brantôme and the Dronne.

So don't wait any longer, and book your electric boat trip with Brantôme Croisières now. We look forward to welcoming you in April for an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Venice of Périgord.

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